All Gym Leader Rematch Battles in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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The security of the exercise tools and the quantity of room you have in which to save as well as use the tools is also a major worry.

Cross-country ski equipments and also rowing makers are a fantastic method to work out at residence.


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0:00 Roark (Coal Badge) Oreburgh City
6:15 Gardenia (Forest Badge) Eterna City
9:25 Maylene (Cobble Badge) Veilstone City
14:05 Crasher Wake (Fen Badge) Pastoria City
21:20 Fantina (Relic Badge) Hearthome City
28:45 Byron (Mine Badge) Canalave City
36:55 Candice (Icicle Badge) Snowpoint City
41:55 Volkner (Beacon Badge) Sunyshore City

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